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Risk Management



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ASMI is one of the Risk Management Assistance Fund (RMAF) agents appointed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to promote, process and endorse applications for financial assistance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to conduct risk assessments at workplaces. SMEs can tap onto RMAF to defray the costs of engaging consultants to conduct risk assessments and build in-house capability.


The fund was set up by the MOM to help SMEs who do not have the capabilities or resources to implement risk assessment at their workplaces to comply with requirement under the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act. The Act was implemented on 1 March 2006 to reduce the risks at source by making stakeholders accountable for managing the risks they create and taking reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety and health of workers.


With effect from 1 September 2006, all workplaces are required to implement comprehensive risk assessment for work processes, with detailed plans to reduce or minimise workplace safety and health risk at source, where reasonably practicable. RMAF will co-fund eligible companies up to 90% of the consultancy cost incurred for approved projects, up to a maximum of $6,000 per company. It will cover training-led consultancy projects to help companies identify risks at the workplace and suggest solutions to address these risks. The funding will not cover the cost of implementing the solutions. The consultancy must be undertaken by Approved Risk Consultants certified by MOM.


To apply for the RMAF, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

§         Is a registered factory and or company covered under the  WSH Act

§         Has 200 or less employees (including administrative staff)

§         Has not received any funding for risk assessment previously

§         Has at least two managerial or supervisory staff who have attended a recognised   

§         Risk Management Course conducted by an Accredited Training Provider


Interested companies who meet the eligibility criteria can submit the completed Registration Form to ASMI. For enquiries or clarifications, please contact ASMI Secretariat at Tel: 6863 3038.


   ·   For more information on RMAF, please go to Risk Management Assistance Fund of MOM.

·   For the list of Accredited Training Providers.

·   For the list of MOM certified Approved Risk Consultants.

·   To learn more about the WSH Act, please visit Workplace Safety and Health Act of MOM.

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ASMI organised courses on risk management for members in the marine industry. The WSQ Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan Course is conducted by Team-6 Safety Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd, an Approved Training Organisation under Singapore Workforce Development Agency. In addition, ASMI also conducts the 1-day Risk Assessment course.

For more information on the risk management courses, please download the WSQ Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan course brochure and/or the Risk Assessment course brochure.

To register for the courses, please download the WSQ Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan course registration form or the Risk Assessment course registration form.

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In an all out effort to instil a safety culture in the shipyards and to assist marine companies to implement risk assessment (RA) at their workplace, ASMI and the Ministry of Manpower jointly organised a series of RA workshops for the industry.


Eight key marine trades were identified for the trade specific RA workshops. These eight trades were:

§         Scaffolding

§         Tank Cleaning

§         Steel Work

§         Painting and Blasting

§         Mechanical Work

§         Electrical Work

§         Piping

§         Transporting

Participants in the workshop were organised in groups and tasked to identify work processes of the trade and mapped out tasks involved in these processes. They also had to discuss and analyse the hazards, likelihood and severity of the risks involved and propose risk control measures for the various tasks.


The workshops were conducted between March to November 2006. Each workshop was championed by one of the major shipyards, and led by a Chief Facilitator from the leading yard and supported by a team of senior safety and trade personnel for eight shipyards as group facilitators. Officers from MOM also assisted in the facilitation of the groups.


From the various workshops, risk matrices and templates were drawn up by the participants working in groups. The following RA templates derived from the workshops (which may not be sufficient or comprehensive) are available for reference only as sample formats.

§         RA Template for Scaffolding

§         RA Template for Tank Cleaning

§         RA Template for Steel Work

§         RA Template for Painting and Blasting

§         RA Template for Mechanical Work

§         RA Template for Electrical Work

§         RA Template for Marine Piping

§         RA Template for Marine Transporting

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