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ASMI is collaborating with the Ministry of Manpower on the Marine Manpower Connect Scheme, a six-month job matching programme for the marine and offshore industry. Click here to find out more about the scheme. 







The ASMI-ITE Scholarship is offered to full-time students enrolled in the following Higher National ITE Certificate (NITEC) courses:

  • Higher NITEC in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Higher NITEC in Electrical Engineering (EE) 
1.     Eligibility
The scholarship will be awarded to Year 1 students in the Higher NITEC in ME and EE courses.
2.     Scholarship Award
The value of the ASMI-ITE Scholarship Award for Higher NITEC in ME and EE is S$10,000 at S$5,000 per annum. 

The scholarship award will cover:
  • Course fee
  • Other Supplementary and Compulsory fees 
  • Annual Allowance
  • Computer Allowance
The scholarship award will come with a two-year bond with the sponsoring company.

All scholarship recipients are required to sign a bond agreement with the sponsoring company and provide two sureties. A recipient who breached the bond agreement will be required to serve liquidatory damages to his/her sponsor. This will comprise the quantum of the award value already paid up by the company to the recipient plus interest at the discretion of the company but not exceeding the bank rates on study loan.

3.     General Rules and Regulations
 ITE will invite interested students to apply for the ASMI-ITE. 
 ITE will assist to shortlist the applicants for interview by ASMI and sponsoring  
 companies. Shortlisting of applicants will be based on the applicant’s academic
 performance, CCA records and good character of the candidate.
 The shortlisted candidates will go through a selection interview to be conducted by a panel
 comprising representatives from ASMI and sponsoring companies.
 The interview can be conducted prior to or at the start of the new Academic Year.
 The successful candidates will be offered the ASMI-ITE Scholarship with bond by the
 sponsoring company.
 Students who are already in receipt of other scholarships with bond will not be eligible to
 apply for the ASMI-ITE Scholarships.

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