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Training Information



Course Objectives

To provide participants with knowledge and skills to effectively perform the roles of signalmen and riggers in the marine industry.


For Whom

Workers involved in lifting operations using mobile or tower cranes.


Course Contents


(a)     Signalman Course

·         Legal Requirements for Lifting Operation

·         Role and Responsibilities of a Signalmen

·         Ensuring Safe Lifting Operation

·         Slinging Methods for Lifting Opereation

·         3-Steps Lifting & Lowering Method

·         Standard Hand & Verbal Signals

·         Do’s and Don’ts

·         Signalling for Hoist, Lowering, Slew, Jib, Travelling and Stop Operations (Practical)


(b)     Rigger Course

·         Roles and Responsibilities of a Rigger

·         Use, Handling and Maintenance of Wire Rope Sling

·         Inspection & Examination of Chain Slings

·         Methods of Slinging

·         Safety Factor and Centre of Gravity

·         Estimating Loads

·         Lifting Procedures

·         Accident Case Studies

·         Lifting of Pipes, Valve, Skip Motor and Propeller (Practical)

·         Tying of Clove Hitch Knot and Bow Line (Practical)


Course Structure and Duration


Theory lessons and practical sessions, followed by theory and practical examinations

·         Signalman Course – 1 day (9 hours)

·         Rigger Course – 2 days (16 hours)

·         Signalman and Rigger Courses – 3 days (25 hours)


Course Fees


·         Signalman Course

      ASMI Members - $130.00 per participant ($139.10 with GST)

      Non-ASMI Members - $165.00 per participant ($176.55 with GST)


·         Rigger Course

      ASMI Members - $360.00 per participant ($385.20 with GST)

      Non-ASMI Members - $420.00 per participant ($449.40 with GST)


Entry Requirements


The following requirements apply to both Signalman and Rigger courses:

·         Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents or holders of valid Work Permits

·         Able to read and write English

·         Medically fit

·         Company-sponsored



·         Signalmen will only be required to attend the Signalman course.

·         Riggers are required to attend both the Signalman and Rigger courses.

·         The Signalman course is a pre-requisite for the Rigger course.


Course Venues - Approved Training Centres (ATCs)

Jurong Shipyard @ 29 Tanjong Kling Road                                                                    
Tel: 6262 7546        Fax: 6261 0738                            


Keppel FELS  @ 31 Shipyard Road

Tel: 6558 8804        Fax: 6861 9400                                                                 


Keppel Shipyard (Tuas) @ 51 Pioneer Sector 1                                                              
Tel: 6558 8804        Fax: 6861 9400                            


Sembawang Shipyard @ Admiralty Road West

Tel: 6750 6058        Fax: 6750 6112


Singapore Technologies Marine @ 7 Benoi Road

Tel: 6860 9331            Fax: 6897 7901




Candidates who have successfully passed their course examinations will be issued either Marine Signalman or Marine Signalman and Marine Rigger Passes and Certificates by ASMI.


Language of Instruction




·         Registration must be made using the prescribed Registration Form available from the ATCs.

·         Applicants should register for the course directly with the preferred ATC.

·         Application form must be accompanied by one passport size photographs, a copy of the identity card or Work Permit Pass, and full course fee to the ATC.




Replacement of candidates is allowed if the substitute meets all entry requirements, and the request is made at least 3 working days before commencement of course.


Withdrawal Policy


Any application for refund should be made in writing to the relevant ATC. Refund for withdrawal is as follows:


·         100%          Two weeks before commencement of course

·         70%            Within two weeks before commencement of course

·         NIL             On commencement of course

·         NIL             Absent Candidate




For enquiry, please contact the ATCs.

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