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ASMI News 2003 : 3rd Quarter

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Jurong Shipyard Executes New Technique to Skid and Mate Hull Structure of New Rig

Jurong Shipyard (JS) achieved a major milestone an 18 June 2003 when it successfully executed a new rig-building technique to skid and mate the massive 14,000-ton upper hull over the lower hull of a new semi-submersible rig. The engineering feat, the first of its kind involving the skidding of such a heavy structure, was ceptualised, designed and constructed over a two-year period.

In 2001, JS and its associated company, PPL Shipyard entered into a fixed price agreement with Global Santa Fe Corporation (GSF) for the construction of two units of Frede & Goldman ExD-designed deepwater semi-submersible drilling rigs. The contact is valued at US$285 million each, inclusive of equipment, project management and other services furnished by the client. The newly skidded rig is the first of the two rigs. The agreement also covers options to build two additional units of semi-submersible be exercised at specific dates.

The scope of work around furnishing labour and materials, design, construct, equip, test and deliver the drilling units to GSF. Given the significance and scale of the project, JS embarked on an innovative construction methodology in which the upper and lower hulls were built, simultaneously in two halves. This is a departure from the traditional method of installation by small sub-blocks onto the lower hull while afloat using floating cranes.

The upper hull measuring 86 metres an height and 75 metres in length and width was built over a skid truss on land that was reinforced to take the substantial load. It was then fully outfitted with installations, including a drilling tower. The lower hulls consisting of two pairs of pontoons and columns were built separately in one of the yard's drydock and subsequently shifted into position in its ULCC drydock prior to the skidding and mating operations.

To facilitate the skidding process, the upper hull was connected to 12 kid shoes. The keel blocks and supporting truss were then laid on the drydock. The skidding beam on which the upper hull was skidded on had a length of 108 metres, inclusive of land and drydock area. The skidding of the upper hull over the lower hull was earned out using four computer-controlled hydraulic operated strand jacks. During the mating operation, the lower hull was floated to merge with the upper hull. The entire process took 11 hours to complete and was well within the planned schedule The semi-submersible rig is targeted for delivery in the first quarter of 2004.

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Jurong Shipyard Secures S$220 Million Contracts to Design and Build 4 Container Vessels

Jurong Shipyard has secured two contracts from Taiwan's, Wan Hai Lines (WHL) to design and build four units of 2,600 TEU container vessels. The total value of the two contracts is S$220 million, with each worth S$110 million.

The latest contract for the third and fourth units were options exercised from the initial contract bagged in July 2003 for the construction of two container vessels WHL has decided to exercise the options for another two units of 2,600 TEU container vessels an part of its feet expansion programme. According to the yard, there is a strong demand for this size of containership. A leading container operator, WHL operates a feet of 59 container vessels (owned and chartered) with a total capacity of 83,000 TEU on 27 trade lanes and serving more than 21 countries.

All four units will have similar specifications and requirements. The designs of the container vessels are proprietary designs developed by the shipyard's own in-house Engineering Division, Each container vessel will have a high speed of 22.7 knots with a high homogeneous container intake of more than 1,960 TEU at 14 tons per TEU. These vessel, each with 400 reefers, will have the ability to carry two-tier high cubes in every cargo hold. They are designed to meet WHL's stringent requirement of operational reliability safety and efficiency as well as to cope with the owner's increasing demands m the infra-Asia and transpacific trade routes.

Construction of the first two vessels started in July 2003 Delivery of these two containerships is expected in March and July 2005. Work on the latest two units commenced in September 2003. One of the vessels is targeted for delivery in December 2005 and the other an April 2006. These high specification vessels will be the largest and most advanced construct vessels to be designed and built in Singapore to date, and a milestone in Singapore's shipbuilding history.

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Fabrication Contract from BP Exploration

Keppel FELS has been awarded a US$96 million fabrication project from BP Exploration (Shah Deniz) Ltd, the operator of the Shah Daniz Gas Export Project. This is a fast track project involving the fabrication of the platform and living quarters of the TPG500 self-installing lack-up drilling/production quarters platform. TheTPG500 system is proprietary to Technip Coflexip, the designers for the project.

Ex-yard delivery rescheduled for July 2004, when the client's transportation contractor will ship the four hull strips of theTPG500 jack up rig to the Caspian Sea for integration with other in country fabrication modules. When completed, the TPGS00 rig will be deployed in the Shah Den, gas-condensate field in the Caspian Sea, approximately 100 km to the south of Baku, Azerbaijan. Delivery of first gas to Turkey, the primary sales market for the Shah Denis project, is targeted for the third quarter of 2006.

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Keppel Offshore & Marine Delivers New Generation Semi-Submersible Rig to Maersk Contractors

Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited (KOM) has delivered a new generation sent submersible rig to Maersk Contractors two weeks ahead of schedule. Keppel FELS (KFELS) and Caspian Shipyard Company (CSC) clinched the contract for the construction of the semi-submersible n rig in February 2001. Both KFELS and CSC are subsidiaries of KOM. Maersk Contractors is part of the AP Moller-Maersk Group and provides drilling, floating production and LNG transport to the world's offshore oil and gas industry.

Co-designed by KEELS and Marine Structure Consultants of Netherlands, this cost-effective, multi-function rig is the first of the DSS-20-CAS-M semi-submersible design to be built. The lower hull structures of the semi- submersible, which comprised two pontoons, four columns and drill floor substructure, were fabricated by KFELS in Singapore and completed in April 2002. It as then transported to Caspian Shipyard in Baku, Azerbaijan on a 45-day voyage for consolidation with the upper hull sections built by CSC. The rig was named LIDER in a ceremony held at the Caspian Shipyard in July this year.

Capable of operating in water depths of up to 1,000 metres and drill depths of up to 9,140 metres, LIDER has a variable deck load of 4,000 tons and is able to accommodate 130 people. It is specifically designed to handle large water depths and high formation pressures, which are anticipated at the first well in the Zafar Mattel structure. The rig will be contracted to Exxon Azerbaijan Operating Company LLC and Chevron Overseas Petroleum Azerbailan Limited for a three-year drilling programme.

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Keppel Singmarine Wins Several Contracts to Build AHTS Vessels and Harbour Tugs

Keppel Singmarime (KSM) has won two new contracts worth a total of S$45 million to build two 45-tonne bollard pull harbour tugs for PSA Corporation and a 5,500 Bhp Anchor Handling Tug and Supply (AHTS) vessel for Hadi H.Al-Hammen of Saudi Arabia. The contract from Hadi H.A-Hamman is the fourth vessel to be contracted by this owner since the first was delivered in early 2002.

KSM has earlier secured two other contacts worth approximately S$42.5 million to build four vessels - two Anchor Handling Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels for CH Offshore and two harbour, tugs for Maju Maritime.

The two AHTS vessels to be delivered to CH Offshore in August and October 2004 are worth S$33 million. They are expected to be deployed in Asia and the Middle East. The AHTS vessels will be built to a breadth of 16 metres, which is wider than the standard AHTS, and will possess bollard pull in excess of 60 tonnes. This particular design of the AHTS vessel has proven to be popular as it is suitable for use in various offshore operations.

The two harbour tugs for Maju Maritime (MM) are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2004. KSM recently delivered one of the world's largest tractor tugs to MM on time and within budget. Measuring 34 metres long with bollard pull in excess of 64 tons, Pisces 53 is on a long term charter through Briny Marine Services Snd Bhd to support Brunei Shell Petroleum's exploration and production activities. The tractor tug is classified under LRS Maltese Cross as 100 A1 TUG + LMS (Unrestricted Service). Pisces 53 will join her sister vessel, Pheonix 52, and a utility tug, Pegasus 51, at the Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Lumut, Brunei. These two tugs were built by KSM and delivered to MM in June 2003.

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Sembcorp Marine Ups Stake in PPL Shipyard

SembCorp Marine (SCM) has acquired a 35% equity stake comprising seven million ordinary shares of S$1.00 each in PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd (PPL), a local rig-building yard. The total consideration of S$14.7 million for the acquisition was calculated based on a 23% premium over PPL's net tangible assets of S$1.71 per share as at 30 June 2003. The transaction was entered into on a willing-buyer, willing-seller basis and paid for in cash from internal resources. Upon the completion of the acquisition, PPL will become an 85% owned subsidiary of SCM.

PPL has recently delivered its first deepwater jack-up drilling rig to Global SantaFe International (GSF) with the second jackup drilling rig due for delivery in the first quarter of 2004. The yard is currently building two units of semi-submersible drilling rigs for GSF in collaboration with Jurong Shipyard.

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Emerald in Pan-United Shipyard

A christening ceremony was held on 27 June 2003 in Pan United Shipyard for an Anchor Handling Tug/Supply (ANTS) vessel, named Lewek Emerald. The 65-metre long vessel at 10,500 bhp is built for Lewek Shipping Pte Ltd (Lewek). The AHTS vessel s equipped with a DPI dynamic positioning system, FiFi 1 fire fighting system and Rolls Royce marine diesel engine to handle fuel economy and redundancy.

The AHTS vessel, classed by Lloyds Register of Shipping, it is the largest anchor-handler in Lewek's fleet. Lewek Emerald is the first AHTS vessel built by Pan-United Shipyard to have a combined propulsion engine output exceeding 10,000 shp. It is capable of achieving a maximum bollard pull in excess of the specified 150 tonnes. The vessel was completed one and a half months ahead of schedule and within budget.

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